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Thursday, May 29, 2008

more pics from Indiana

Pics from Indiana

Not just veggies growin round here!

We began our container gardening with lots of seeds and containers! We use everything from cracked china, to cracked fostoria glass pitchers, to jelly and pickle jars! Our front porch is beginning to look like a nursery! And look at our lovely gardenia! You walk out the door and there is nothing but sweetness in the air!

Farmer Ben!

Obviously, gardening is agreeing with Benjamin. He refuses to wear anything except his overalls. This is,in part, my fault as I told him he needed to wear pants in the garden because the mosquitos are so bad.

Monday, May 26, 2008

We're home!

We had a whirlwind trip to Indiana this weekend so that we may have the joy of seeing my nephew graduate from high school. He was the little bitty ring bearer in our wedding who, right before walking down the aisle, decided to swing the pillow around by the ribbons holding the rings on- thus hurling Andy's ring into the vastness of green that is West Virginia! Luckily- we found it pretty quickly! It's hard to believe how fast time goes by when you're watching little ones you love grow!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How does your garden grow?

...with yellow hairs, and southern belles, and watermelons all in a row!
We have officially planted our first fruit and vegetable garden! And it was so much fun! Hard work, but enjoyed by all! I just hope something actually grows! We ordered special seeds from Howard Dill's pumpkin patch in Nova Scotia. We visited that patch while on vacation a few years ago and decided we absolutely had to try to grow a 1200-1800 pound pumpkin! You may soon find the Cain family holding the world record for largest grown pumpkin! Stay tuned for more garden developments!
P.S. Benji hasn't worn a pull-up at all, even overnight, in 3 days!!!!! With no accidents since last Thursday! WOOOOOO HOOOOO Ben!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our morning visitor!

This beautiful creature was our surprise visitor this morning! It is a chimney swift and it swiftly flew out of our chimney into our living room- then it made a dash to the school room where I was able to very gently wrap my hands around it. It was amazing to hold something so wild, soft, terrified, and lovely. I was tempted to let my two little naturalists observe it, but instead I decided it had been traumatized enough and quickly released it out my front door. What a morning!

Monday, May 19, 2008

My boy....

Can I just say that Ben is amazing?! After battling potty-training off and on for a year now, he told me last Wednesday that he wasn't going to wear pull-ups anymore....and he hasn't! (Except to bed at night) He has had a couple of accidents at the church nursery, but that was his first 2 evenings in underwear and I took him out and fault! I think being with other people made him a little nervous! He has only had one pee-pee accident in 5 days at home! And yesterday at church he was in the nursery for 2 and a half hours with NO accidents!!! WOO HOO BEN!!! (He just blew past me holding himself and said, "Ooo Mommy! I gotta use the potty!")

Defending the Cain family honor!

My best gifrlfriend in the WHOLE world, Leigh, has a blog that I check everyday! She articulates her thoughts beautifully and every once in a while throws in a lovely picture or two. One day her precious little girl, one day just never know what a treat you may find. However, boldly emblazened across the top of her blog is the statement, "Proof that our family is better than yours"!!! Now I realize that Leigh's half crazy (God bless 'im) husband was responsible for that, but I must take offense! (Not too seriously, Ken!) In an attempt to defend the Cain family honor, as Andy likes to call it, I've decided maybe the world needs to see how fabulous OUR family is and judge for itself!

All kidding aside, I have realized that I don't take enough pictures of the kids, I've drifted away from my extended family (and miss them terribly), and would enjoy the opportunity to journal my childrens' lives with us- while they are still children! Why call it Sincerely Home? Because my heart is sincerely home, with my family.