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Monday, May 19, 2008

Defending the Cain family honor!

My best gifrlfriend in the WHOLE world, Leigh, has a blog that I check everyday! She articulates her thoughts beautifully and every once in a while throws in a lovely picture or two. One day her precious little girl, one day just never know what a treat you may find. However, boldly emblazened across the top of her blog is the statement, "Proof that our family is better than yours"!!! Now I realize that Leigh's half crazy (God bless 'im) husband was responsible for that, but I must take offense! (Not too seriously, Ken!) In an attempt to defend the Cain family honor, as Andy likes to call it, I've decided maybe the world needs to see how fabulous OUR family is and judge for itself!

All kidding aside, I have realized that I don't take enough pictures of the kids, I've drifted away from my extended family (and miss them terribly), and would enjoy the opportunity to journal my childrens' lives with us- while they are still children! Why call it Sincerely Home? Because my heart is sincerely home, with my family.

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Tim and Lisa said...

Psst! I know where that picture was taken. :D