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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How does your garden grow?

...with yellow hairs, and southern belles, and watermelons all in a row!
We have officially planted our first fruit and vegetable garden! And it was so much fun! Hard work, but enjoyed by all! I just hope something actually grows! We ordered special seeds from Howard Dill's pumpkin patch in Nova Scotia. We visited that patch while on vacation a few years ago and decided we absolutely had to try to grow a 1200-1800 pound pumpkin! You may soon find the Cain family holding the world record for largest grown pumpkin! Stay tuned for more garden developments!
P.S. Benji hasn't worn a pull-up at all, even overnight, in 3 days!!!!! With no accidents since last Thursday! WOOOOOO HOOOOO Ben!!!!!!


hannah said...

HIya, welcome to the blogging world! and congratulations on the grown-up pants status of Benji, we attempted a day last week, but many wet (and worse) pairs of pants later I reached for the pull ups again - they are ready when they are ready aren't they, until then why worry!!

Beth said...

I love how your garden grows!! And I love the kiddos!!!

Hugs from Aunt Beth :)

Nonny said...

I'd like to see the pie you are going to make with that pumpkin! Is Ben playing music to make the plants grow - or just to drive you crazy? Yeah, Ben, to big boy underwear!! Love you all!