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Monday, May 19, 2008

My boy....

Can I just say that Ben is amazing?! After battling potty-training off and on for a year now, he told me last Wednesday that he wasn't going to wear pull-ups anymore....and he hasn't! (Except to bed at night) He has had a couple of accidents at the church nursery, but that was his first 2 evenings in underwear and I took him out and fault! I think being with other people made him a little nervous! He has only had one pee-pee accident in 5 days at home! And yesterday at church he was in the nursery for 2 and a half hours with NO accidents!!! WOO HOO BEN!!! (He just blew past me holding himself and said, "Ooo Mommy! I gotta use the potty!")

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Beth said...

Way to go Ben!! Great job!! I'm sooooooo proud of you!!

Aunt Beth