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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Art in the Gardens

Oh my goodness! What a lovely morning strolling through Aldridge Gardens, all abloom with the most beautiful hydrangeas ever, looking at fabulous local artists fare! Every kind and color imaginable! Hydrangeas too!(Anyone who knows me knows that one of my all time favorites is hydrangeas!)

A new, precious friend of mine is an artist and she does the most beautiful work! I am pleased to say that after 12 years of saying that we would love to have REAL artwork on our walls, and not posters that we bought at Wal-Mart and had framed, we are the proud owners of two original pieces by award winning artist, Amy Crews. I'm only sad that my photos dont do them justice. Check out her website- you'll fall in love with her work too, I bet!
P.S. Amy won first place in the "Best of Show"!!! WAY TO GO, Amy!!!!!!

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