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Monday, June 9, 2008

VBoS= Vacation Bible old School

Ok, is it just because I attended a little white church nestled in the mountains of West hillbilly Virginia that I am TOTALLY blown away my Mountain Brook Community Church's VBS?(No offense, fellow hillbillians- I loved every minute of it!) When I went to Vacation Bible (old) School, we read Old Testament "Bible Stories" and made some beautiful craft out of popsicle sticks and macrame beads! Today, we made glitter tube keychains and had sad/happy face cookies for snack! We pretended to have leprosy and sang and danced! We were swallowed by huge bubbles and watched smelly wet chipmonks on DVD! We wore alarmingly bright t-shirts and watched a man in lab-coat and light-up glasses with a fro wig sing praise and worship songs! We were greeted by lots of enthusiastic Moms- and the humble face of the most awesome director of children's ministry that I have ever met!

I can't imagine the time and effort that was put into this week's major event better known as VBS! I am so grateful and amazed- and I know that no one from my church reads my blog- but I am completely dumbfounded by the sacrifice and expense that our church has dished out so that our kids can have the opportunity to not only have a blast...which is exactly how Abby and Ben described today.....but to also catch a glimpse of Christ during this summer which is slipping away fast!

I am just so eternally grateful.........

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Beth said...

That does sound great, but can it beat "snipe" hunting and playing ball in the parking lot???? Lol!! Things sure have come a long way...thank goodnes!! Hehe!! Hope you have a BLAST again today!!