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Friday, February 6, 2009

The Farm

Andy and I have been dreaming of one day living on a little farm. I even remember telling one of my friends in high school that one day I wanted to live on a quiet little farm with a few animals, the kids running and playing, and the doors wide open. Well, it looks like the Lord is openning the doors to make it possible for us. We have found a farm. It needs some work and TLC, but she's a beauty and I think we are both in love with her. If you think of us, would you say a prayer for us...for wisdom, direction, finances, and someone to buy our home here in Crestwood? Here's some pics....

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"Doc" said...

That sure looks like something good to me. TLC needed but that's okay you know. The land and all looks swell. I like the back part of the house with the windows. I would definitely like to pray for you guys and see what the Lord may do.