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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Is it February already????

Wow! That month flew by! We had a lot going on, but things are finally beginning to settle a bit. We got our truck back and it is working very nicely. I think we have just about decided to sell it. Why, you may ask??????

The farm. It's the major topic of discussion around here. We found a farm. We are in love with it, though it needs quite a bit of TLC. We are ready to get out of the city, and we pray this is the answer to our prayers for a quiet place in the country! NO more planes, trains, and automobiles! Open doors in the spring and fall, 2 bathrooms, and a full acre for whatever we want in the middle of someone else's HUGE farm! ALso, it backs up to a state park! (Tannehill) Can it get much better??? OH, it's really cheap!!!!! Please pray for us to be wise in this and not be blinded by how wonderful it all seems. We know that God divinely provided us with this house, and we certainly want to be where He would have us!

Abby and Ben are great! Abby turned 7 on the 22nd and Ben is outgrowing all of his clothes! Abby's really improving in her reading, which is a huge answer to prayers. Ben LOVES school and gets mad at me if I end our schoolday before he is ready! They are both just as precious as ever! (I say as they run through the house chasing each other and screaming!-That's it, no more brownies for lunchtime dessert!)

I hope you are all well and blessed! Drop me a line sometime!

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WendyQM said...

The farm sounds wonderful! That is our dream as well. Maybe one day...

I will pray for doors to open or shut according to the Lord's perfect will. ~W