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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Life

On Tbursday, a beautiful little hummingbird graced us with a visit to our feeder. Unfortunately, I had given up on being visited by these tiny guests this summer and had let the necter evaporate out of the feeders without refilling. (SHAME on me, I know!) I jumped up, ran outside, grabbed all of the feeders (4), washed them, made up some necter, and rehung them incase he decided he would give us one more chance.

And he did! We all went out on the porch at about 1:30 or 2 this afternoon and lounged in the hammock, the hammock chair, and the glider. We, children included, silently watched not one- but 2- hummingbirds take turns feeding for over half an hour! It was about 83 degrees outside with a light breeze and low humidity. I laid in the hammock with whisps of my pulled-up hair blowing in the breeze and Abby, wide-eyed, lying next to me. Once in a while the silence was broken with a GASP! and a gently whispered, "Did ya see that one, Momma?" or "Look Daddy, there's a woodpecker on its favorite place on the power pole!"

Ahhhhhh, THIS is the life.................

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