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Friday, October 2, 2009

Just about me....

So this has nothing whatsoever to do with the kids, or family, or gardening, or's just about me.

I have been inspired by some new and precious friends to be more me. With that in mind, I'm announcing to the world, via Blogspot, that I have decided to come out from under the "merely exist until my kids hit a more independent stage" cloud that I have been under the last eight years. My children are big enough now to do more on their own and I find that I have a little more time for me now. Time for sewing. Time for reading. Time for embroidering and cross-stitching. Time for doing the things I enjoy, things that make me me!

So I'm back, World! Get ready for some creativity!

P.S. Are you under that cloud? May I inspire you to find the you that has been lying asleep for sew long? (Intended mis-spelling, by the way) Come have a cup of tea- I have an open door and a lovely cup just waiting for you. And I can probably find a needle and a piece of fabric underneath this Operation Christmas Child stuff somewhere........


Beth said...

How wonderful!! You definitely need some "ME" time!! I can't wait to see what you discover about yourself!! You're the best!! Love you!!

little dresses said...

You go girl! You will soon find that the kids will pick up those little bits of you that you have left behind and they will be better little people for it! When my babies were little I had to struggle to get sewing time in, but now they enjoy it as much as I do! They either join in or go and find something else that they enjoy doing and we all work independently side-by-side. NEVER stop being you again! That's the person your children can most learn from, they don't want a robot! Creativity is such a wonderful thing to pass on to your children!

Happy stitching friend!


The Cains said...

Oh you're precious, Samantha! Thanks for the visit...not to mention the encouragement!