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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What to get into next......????

It's official! I've found a new craft to dabble in! Needle felting!! I checked out some books from the library and it looks so easy...especially to have such an adorable finished product! My first shot at it will be pumpkins and I can't wait until my kit gets here which I ordered from Bear Creek Designs on Etsy.
Then maybe on to the birds..cause you folks know how much I love birds!
Meanwhile, I've been embroidering and trying my hands at a few other things. I'm taking the "handmade challenge" ( for Christmas this year and am trying to make all of our Christmas gifts or support other handmade-artists by purchasing their wares as gifts.
Well, I'm off to scrub the bathroom and then, if time allows, cut out a dress pattern for Abby that I have been dying to make! (Check out that link over there to the left for The Handmade Dress- we're doing the Miss Madeline!)
God goes before you!

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Beth said...

I love Miss Madeline!! It is sew cute!!! ;-)

Keep up the good work!!!

Love you,