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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So much to post, so little time......

I wonder why I think of so many things and post so few? I think it is because I believe every great blog has great photos, and I just don't seem to constantly have the camera dangling around my neck like Posie. (And may I say how tickled I am that I finally learned how to make links!?!) I envy her photo taking abilities. However, with that being said, I have 2 poor quality photos to share with you of what I consider to be major things.

#1)Today marked the passing of an era. The Foundry came to take "the green car" away. Why so sad, you may ask? This was the first car that I actually got to pick out for myself. It was chosen for me, or a hand me down........I picked it! The color, the interior, the transmission even! Loved this car, until it started behaving like a Ford.

#2) Tonight is one of my most favorite and anticipated nights of the month, Otium Sanctum at my neighbor and friend's house. Otium Sanctum means "Holy Leisure". We meet at her house (we=women) and we discuss a book, currently Eat This Book by Eugene Peterson. After book-talk, we discuss other topics such as handmade crafts, natural remedies/cleaning, etc. One person each month brings a few of their "favorite things" and we pass them around as they tell us why they are so special to them. This is a real treat because I am fairly new to the group and it helps me to learn something intimate about each of the beautiful ladies. Well tonight is my night to share, so I though I would post a pic of my "favorites". Go ahead, ask me some ?s about the pic- I'd be glad to share!


Stephanie said...

Oh I'm so excited you get to share tonight! I'm trying not to stare at the picture because I want to be surprised....but I've already noticed Colin Firth/Mr. Darcy. Sigh.
See you tonight!

Lisa A said...

I've been inspired by Posie's pictures, too. Just practice a little. Experiment with angle and light settings. I don't know that much about my camera, but I know my pictures have improved. My Halloween pictures of the 'hood this year are much better than last year's! I use a cheap tripod, too. I leave it extended in the corner of my sewing room so I can grab it quickly.
I like the sweet little tray in your picture.

Your Sissy!! said...

You added Granny's sewing box!!! Yay!!! I can't wait to hear all about your sharing time!!! Did you get mushy??? ;-)

Cherry Family said...

What a great evening. That is such a great idea. Sounds like something to look forward to each month for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what is in the tiny little box with the gold bow?

I shall live vicariously through you at your Otium Sanctum. Sounds heavenly. Have to admit..I am a bit envious of your blog. It is really blossoming.

Have fun.Love you, friend...Bran

The Cains said...

Ahhhh, the tiny little box with the gold bow......held my engagement ring from Andy.

Thank you for the blogliments! I'm actually ENJOYING blogging now! Wish you could come to O.S. cuz I know you'd love it, Bran!

LollyChops said...

I wish I could participate in a group like this! It sounds really fantastic!

So I would want to know more about the little plate with the rose and the wrapped box too!!

Garren and Jayne said...

I think I remember you having that basket in New Mexico.
I was also going to put a bug in your ear and ask you to blog about homeschool and some tips you've gotten or things that work great. Books you recommend and I'll do the same and we can compare. What do you think? We could also ask Tenisa.
Have a good day.

urban craft said...

photos, smotos. We all can not be like rosey posey. Seriously, she takes pictures of everything. So are you getting a new car then? I really need to join more book clubs. Yours looks so lovely, I might want to crash it next time. What's in your passport?