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Monday, December 14, 2009

Just Us Girls!

This past Saturday me and two of my favorite and my best (that's a little "Charlie and Lola" for ya) girlfriends hit the road and headed toward Ft Payne, Alabama- home of Orbix Hot Glass. Our mission? To hand blow our very own Christmas ornaments! The drive alone was beautiful, but their gallery was uh-mazing! Please check out that link up won't regret it!
This was their bathroom sink, for Pete's sake! I mean, that alone should give you a clue to the talent and creativity of the people there! Did I mention uh-mazing?

So this was my blob of dripping hot glass in the oven.....

then I commenced blowing while Cal Breed manipulated my blob into a stunning ornament!

And these are my girls! And by the way, my precious hubby won the "Least Interfering Husband of the Day" Award! Yeee Hooo! Oh I had the greatest time...and look forward to our next adventure.......underwater basket weaving! ;o)


Beth said...

That's awesome!! Be sure to post a picture of the finished product!!! I can't wait to try my hand at it!! Maybe Bruce can teach me all his secrets.

Tomi said...

"blob"? Is that the technical term?? Lol