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Thursday, December 3, 2009

My day

Have I ever mentioned how precious my children are?
Abby made up this "badge" for me to wear on Tuesday. They get so excited about my birthday (and Andy's too for that matter). I love that because I am a HUGE fan of birthdays! And I was really bummed because Andy was out of town for it.

So we went to Edgars (the best bakery in Alabama) and each picked a yummy gourmet "pupcake"- mine was strawberry. Then we headed home and I broke out the depression glass from Momma and we had Shirley Temples and a big time!

Abby and Ben kept my gift a secret for a week. Andy left it for them when he went out of town and they even wrapped it all on their own! Didn't they do a great job?! ( phillips MP3 player to replace the lost iPod, incase you're wondering)

And this was the end of the big day, me and my babies at Surin, our favorite Thai restaurant. They are really the BEST gift, every year- hands down.


Beth said...

Aren't they the sweetest!!??

Garren and Jayne said...

I love you! This is such a sweet story. It made me feel like I was there. My favorite cake is strawberry & shirly temples are delish! I hope your year is amazing, giving and loving on your honey and kiddo's. Such amazing years we are living right now.
love Jayne