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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ahhh, a new year....

Don't you find that there are just soooo many possibilities for a new year? I could lose weight. I could become a better cook. I could read the Bible entirely through in a year. I could say "yes" to my children more. I could actually run the Susan G Komen 5k instead of walking it. It's endless!
This year, I truly want to learn to sew better. I want to hone some skills that I can pass down to Abby, that she can pass down to hers, and that she can pass down to hers. Lots of things interupt life- but now I'm determined to start a life of domestic hand-me-downs.
On that topic, my sister, mother, and I decided to attempt a handmade Christmas. It was my best Christmas ever! Not just because of the beautiful gifts I received....which believe me, are well worth the title- but because the meaning of Christmas just seemed much more real to me this year. Christ, family, time, devotion......they all took on new meaning. Don't you worry, I'm gettin' to the photos in just a minute.....
Momma took some material I had bought and pain-stakingly made a LOVELY tab top valance for my diningroom windows.

Beth found some inspiring scrapbook paper (to go with my bedroom) and made some INCREDIBLE artwork for my walls to compliment a painted canvas she found in a shop.

(She even, extremely creatively, lended a hand-made touch to my husbands electronic gift! hahahahahahahaha)

Oh, and have you seen what Abby made us for Christmas???

Oh, and dear Friends and fellow bloggers....look at this little blog-support gift from the precious HUBBY!!!

So my hope for you? That you live YOUR 2010. From beginning to end. Who needs resolutions if you're determined to live the life you've dreamed of Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of January through December from now until _______? SO I'm off to make my boy a rubber ducky scarf.......and if it snows tonight and Birmingham shuts down tomorrow, I just may start on that quilt for Abby's doll......


Anonymous said...

I like your blog ;) Why is that valance on a chair instead of the window - really, really WIDE window, I might add!? LOL

Anonymous said...

I think I smell an entry to the scholarship in this blog... :)WQM