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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I made something for my sister.......

some HUMBLE PIE!!  Hee heehee (Love you, Sis!)

Ok Folks, I had myself one deee-lish-us Wednesday.  I had been looking forward to this day since last Friday, I believe it was, when one of my most favorite people suggested we get together for some crocheting- and it was all I had hoped it would be!  Now, the last time I got together with said stellar person with the express intent to craft....well.....let's just say there was less crafting and more talking! However, we were determined this time to be productive!

What?  I like to treat my favorite people right!  (It's only proper to have a pot of tea and a tummy yummy ready for company of such high calibre, isn't it?)

And then, just prior to the most excellent girlfriend sister calls.  I tell her what I'm getting ready to do and, with what I believe was an air of jealousy, she said- and I quote- "So are you ACTUALLY going to crochet this time?????"

Love you, Bethy!


Stephanie said...

Woohoo! We sure showed your sister, huh? :)
Thanks for having me over - I want to do it again real soon!

The Cains said...

Heeheehee...we sure did! ;o)
Sister, you are welcome at this bungalow anytime! All the time!

Beth said...

You sure did!! I just figured with your history there'd be more talking and less crafting!! Hehe!! Although, I hear you were pretty distracted by a couple monkeys!! I can't wait to see the finished throw, rug, tent, etc...whatever it ends up being!! :-)

Beth said...

P.S. I love you too!!! And you're doing a great job!!! I want to be just like you when I grow up!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...


Yur momma