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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Main Entry: quo·tid·i·an

Pronunciation: \kwō-ˈti-dē-ən\

Function: adjective

1 : occurring every day

2 a : belonging to each day : everyday b : commonplace, ordinary

— quotidian noun

I have committed myself to attending a women's group that is called "Otium Sanctum" (Holy Leisure). It is the most amazing group of women, and I find myself challenged and inspired in ways I have never been before.  We pick a book to discuss chapter by chapter, this is our current selection.  The author is Kathleen Norris who has authored another book entitled "The Quotidian Mysteries: laundry, liturgy, and women's work". I haven't read but what is available here, but I believe it is going to have quite an impact on how I view the "menial" parts of my cleaning these dust bunnies and cobwebs off of the top of my kitchen cabinets!

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