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Monday, February 22, 2010

Coming out of the cold..

We have had the longest cold spells of all of the winters that I remember in my 9+ years of living in Alabama.  My gas bill for heating my house last month nearly sent me to the hospital with a MASSIVE coronary!  While shopping in Target one day, I saw these lovely Amaryllis and Paperwhites on sale dirt cheap (heehee..pun intended) and so I bought them and intended to send them home with my Momma after Christmas.  In the hustle of leaving, Momma forgot them, and then we went to Florida, and well....the poor things were just forgotten.  Then, a couple of weeks ago I saw them sitting in the butler's hallway (it's JUST the name of the hallway, not like we actually HAVE a butler!) and they called to me.  I planted them thinking they might break the winter blahs...and now look!  Aren't they lovely?  There's truly no emotion that a flower cannot evoke, a blooming flower all the more. They can bring out anything in you.


Anonymous said...

Kind of glad I forgot them after seeing this picture! They are beautiful and you should know that every time I have ever planted paper whites they have blasted! The blooms just wouldn't go there...... Good job!!

Beth said...

Do you still have those stinkers in the house??? Lol!!