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Friday, February 19, 2010

A late snow post

I have had the busiest week!  I'm sorry for the late post, but I thought some of these pics were post worthy.  We were very elated to receive not one, but THREE snows last week!  These are pics from the biggest snow.  My dear and precious friend, Jane, will no doubt look at this post and giggle- saying to herself "She calls THAT a big snow??!!"  Jayners is from Montana, you see!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kiddo! Love the pictures! Noticed that Ben's snow angel is a bit "tarnished" in places? But that's okay, all earthly angels have a touch of tarnish - not bad, just a touch. Love y'all....Mom

Cherry Family said...

Beautiful! I wanted to drive North so badly last week to see all the snow. You see....I am down here in Tampa, where I am most grateful to God, enjoying the winter with highs of 55!! I am really am loving the "cold" weather this year. I miss the seasons.