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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Do I even craft anymore????

I've actually been wondering this myself!  It seems like FUR-EVER since I created something! (I made some cards for Lolly, does that count?)  I think the last thing I actually completed was Valentines for my babies!!!  YIKES!

The good news is that I have quite a few things in the works....the bad news is that none of them are actually finished! (Yes, I'm affraid I abandon projects like I abandon books, so that I have them stacked all over the place and each requires only a small time commitment on my part to finish!)  But I've decided to turn a new leaf and finish some of these lovely creations I have begun---because there are a ba-jillion others I'd like to start!!!!  ;o)

And while I can't take credit for this little beauty up there, I have the small task of completing it.  This is a precious dress, the Madeline, designed by Samantha over at The Handmade Dress.  My Momma actually put it together while we were visiting her last week.  My job is to embroider some cute little birdies in the apron corner and hem it.  I think I can manage back with the embroidered version in the next day or two.  Anybody got any ideas for cute birdie embroidery??


Anonymous said...

Look at the dress pattern - there is an embroidery pattern that includes cute little birdies......

Anonymous said...

Also, maybe you should have pressed the dress before you took the picture.....I'm just sayin'...... Love you! Your Momma

Beth said...

Mom, you did a great job!! I think little birdies will be the perfect finishing touch!!

As far as beginning, but never finishing're starting to sound like me. After all the grief you've given me over the years, I thought for sure you wouldn't fall into the same cycle!! Lol!!

I look forward to seeing the finished dress on my sweet little Abs. And I can't wait to see all the other completed projects you have up your sleeve!! Now if only I could finish a few of mine!!! Yikes!!

Love & miss my sweet sister!!

LollyChops said...

I have some free bird embroidery patterns on my blog... but that might not be what you are looking for!

I love this little dress... is that teal I spy?

The Cains said...

Oh yea! I'm gonna go look, Lolly! Andy why YES, that is a dash of teal! ;o)

The Cains said...

*oops*And....not Andy!

Lisa A said...

This is a cute little birdie.