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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Andy (and a P.S. on paperwhites!)

This is my Love.  He's been away from home for a few days helping his father get back and forth to an eye surgery in South Carolina.  My Love left his parents' house this morning at 5 o'clock so that he could make it home in time to go with me to Ben's 5 year old check-up.  Ya know, the one with four shots?  Most everyone who knows me knows that I am a complete and total needle-phobe.  I try to be a good mommy, but when it comes to vaccinations, I'd just as soon pass them up entirely.  My Love says it's my civic duty to vaccinate my children, so I do it.  My Love came home so that I would not have to do it alone.  I made him a cup of English Breakfast and gave him my super-duper-special-comfy-cozy-Christmas-present-from-Momma blankie and I pray he knows how much I love and appreciate him.

P.S.  Ya know those lovely paperwhites I posted last week?  Who knew they smell like dog urine?  Who knew?  'Fess up!  I spent three days cleaning and disinfecting my diningroom floors because I was SURE the doggies had an accident somewhere- turns out it was my stinky pretty flowers!  You guys should give a sister a warning!


Lisa said...

Thank you Andy! We appreciate your help!!

LollyChops said...

They do????? I had no idea they were smelly! I'll consider this my warning from you! I have always wanted to put those in the house! Well oh heck no! hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, Paperwhites are way stinky! Beautiful to look at through a window though!