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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yes, I do craft!

Oh sweet confirmation!  Though life does occassionally get hectic, I can and do create!  I know I showed you this dress previously, but I wanted you to see (blurry as it may be) it finished with the embroidery. (See that previous post for the link to Samantha at The Handmade Dress to find this and many other adorable, simple patterns)  I just love this dress.  It makes my heart happy....may have to make ten more just like it.

On a different note entirely, I was sittin' on my porch this afternoon.  Just a stitchin and listening to some old Elton John again......I do that quite often.  The kids were playing in the yard while Andy was doing some yard work.  The smell of freshly cut grass wafted up to me, and I'll be if I didn't get a little misty eyed with the anticipation of spring!  That, or it could have been from prickin my finger while embroiderin'!  ;o)  We even had dinner out on the porch- and it was beautiful.  Thank you Jesus, for your refreshing renewal of the earth.....and my spirit.


Beth said...

You did such a beautiful job!! I'm so proud of your talents!! I can't wait to see photos with Abs in it. She'll look just precious, I'm sure! Keep up the good work!!

Lisa said...

Marla, it's adorable! Good job!

LRmom said...

love it!! Now I need some sewing machine and some talent to try my hand at that~! My girls love their skirts and dresses, but can't find any decent ones in the stores anymore!