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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Celebrations Galore!

Weekend before last was Andy's birthday.  I had wanted to have a party for him, but when I sent emails around I didn't seem to get much of a response so I Figured everyone was busy and wrote it off.  But my precious friends...and Andy's precious friends.....they got together and had him a birthday party to beat all birthday parties!  They got his favorite BBQ, his favorite desert (cheesecake, of course), and even- after all of that- gave him gifts!  It was so awesome!  I love celebrating Andy's birthday.  Andy was a miracle baby- his Momma's heart stopped when she was having his older sister and the doctors told her no more babies.  Thank Heavens she didn't listen!  It's hard for me to think there would be no Abby or Ben...or Us....if his Momma hadn't have had the courage to have him!

THEN, my dear friend is having a baby so we girlfriends decided to have a tea for her at my house because...well...I am the QUEEN of having tea!  ;o)  I loved getting the china out and shopping for the perfect table cloth, and even learning how to fold a pretty napkin on youtube!  Whatya think???

And my dear friend, Lori, made this adorable cake!  She is the QUEEN of fondant!

Wanna celebrate something?  Oh all I need is an excuse to whip out the china and a spot o tea!  :o)


LJ2Blessed said...

Awwww, Happy Belated Birthday Andy! Sorry I missed it :(

LollyChops said...

That tea party looks like so much fun!!! ...and that CAKE!! WOW COW is that cool!

HUGS sweet pea!