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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Egg Bunnies a la Martha!

I saw this Easter Egg craft on a Martha Stewart email and me and Ben fell in love with it!  It's so incredibly easy...too bad taking good pictures weren't as easy!  (I should have "Flip"ed it!  That thing makes the BEST stills! Chase the link, they have FABULOUS, professional -paid-to-take-em-pics!)
Start off with some dyed eggs...

then you'll need either some crepe paper or scrapbooking paper for ears, pom poms for nose and tail, a sharpie for faces, mini cupcake holder, and green crepe paper.

Use glue dots to apply nose and tail, then use sharpie to draw on cute bunny face.

Next cut out some ears and affix them to the egg with glue dots.  Set eggs in cupcake holder lined with a strip of green crepe paper that has been fringed with scissors.

This one's for my Daddy.  Easter was his last holiday on Earth- and that man LOVED to fish!  I think it's a stunning likeness! :o)

This?  This is just a little sumpn I whipped up for Easter lunch......

And this is the Cains!  Wishing you a very blessed Easter and a Spring filled with more rejuvenation and joy than you can stand!  ;o)


Beth said...

What a fabulous job you all did on the bunnies...much cuter than Martha even!! Your trifle looks scrumptous! Yummo!!! I'm glad you had such a wonderful Easter! :-)

Mom said...

How come you don't whip up "sumpn" like that when you are at my house? Beautiful family....but we all know that! Love your Poppy egg! Way too cute!! Love, Me....

LollyChops said...

I love everything you guys had going on for Easter!

Those eggs are just too cute!

...and that trifle... I could seriously eat the whole thing!

HUGS beautiful family!