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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I've been away for a bit.  Some of you have probably heard that a tragedy befell some dear and precious friends of mine- their two year old little girl was killed when their 18 year old neighbor backed out of his driveway and ran her over.  It's truly horrible, and my heart breaks every time I think of it and I NEVER want to have to attend a baby funeral again.  I've been at their house most every day, trying to just be there for them. (But now I have a cold and they have a 5 week old, so I'm home for mending)

For a little over a week now, all I can think about is "Do my kids know I love them?"  And I don't mean do I kiss them before bed and hug them when they wake up- I mean do they KNOW that I LOVE them?  Do they know that my day doesn't start right if I don't kiss their cheeks?  Do they know that if they fall asleep without "goodnight loves" I get weepy and feel I've missed out?  Do they know that every time they cry out "Moooooooommmmmaaaa??????" I secretly whisper a prayer of thanks to the Lord?  Do they know that I actually get teary eyes thinking of the day when they won't fit in my lap anymore or want to kiss Momma?  Do they know that I keep them home with me not just because of society and a failing education system, but because I just can't bear to be away from them everyday from 7 to 3?  Do they know that no matter what they do, I will be their biggest fan, greatest supporter, and fiercest advocate?

Love your babies.  LOVE your babies.  Make them know.

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Anonymous said...

That was beautiful, Marla.