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Monday, May 3, 2010

Never a dull moment between crocheting and Mother Nature!

SO on Saturday I was completely TICKLED with myself!  Why, you may wonder?!  Becuase I have done it again!  I have taught myself something new off YouTube!!  First was embroidering, now crocheting, and even ornamental napkin folding! (No, sadly, I'm not kidding about that last one!)  My sista, Lolly, had a fabulous flower week not too long ago and had these beautiful little crocheted flowers that I instantly fell in love with!  SO I set my mind (and fingers, a crochet hook, and some yarn) to figuring out how to accomplish this!  And LOOK!  Yippee!
I was so entirely proud of myself! But....the ego fest lasted less than 24 hours because then THIS.......

happenned!!!  Before you get too worked up, no one was hurt and our only casualty was our grill......which truthfully is a HUGE loss to the Cain family!  Upon returning from soccer yesterday, we dawddled in the van for a moment or two before openning the doors.  When we did open the doors, we heard "POP!POP!POP!"  and I yelled "Annnnnnnnnndddddyyy????!!" We shut the doors VERY quickly and braced ourselves because we didn't know where, or how much. of the tree was falling!  I swear people, I litterally saw my life flash before my eyes.....and then I a huge piece of tree dropped to the ground RIGHT INFRONT of us!!!!  I jumped out yelling "Thank you Jesus!  Thank you Lord!  Praise you Jesus!" (Picture Fred Sanford holding his chest here!)  But all is well! (Minus the grill!)

Never a dull moment at the Cain house!  Never!

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LollyChops said...

I love love love your rose Marla... and I am SOOO glad no one was hurt when that tree fell! How scary!

Thank you Jesus!!!!