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Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm only on vacation!!!

By now, many of you may be asking yourselves "What happened to Marla?" No, I didn't give up blogging.  We haven't lost our internet connection.  My children haven't gotten the best of me....yet! I'm only on vacation.  The kids and I left home last Friday- headed to Pensacola, then left Sunday for Gulfport.  My sister got married at the courthouse in Pensacola Friday afternoon and we've been driving my momma crazy visiting my momma and will go home Saturday.

I have been hitting the fabric shop and sleeping late- which has been the best vacation EVER!  Momma and I started a little sewing project which has manifested itself as a comedy of errors.  I found a pattern for a skirt that was made with a striped fabric that was sewn up the center of the front and the stripes were inverted and met in a "V".  I bought extra fabric and we laid it out and cut it out- and with Momma's 40+ years of sewing expertese we still managed to lay it out wrong with the "V" in the front and a mountain in the back!!  So we braved rainy weather to go back to the fabric store for more stripes.  Momma said she's run in to grab it whilst I entertained the children in the car.  Momma came right back and plunked the fabric in my lap.  To my surprise, and hers, she had bought the wrong stripes!  So then I went in and got the correct stripes!  So if you're keeping up, you'll note that I now have enough fabric for 3 skirts!!! hahahahahahahahha!!!!!!!  Oops, speaking of skirts, I need to go get to work on them-I'm running out of vacation time....

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