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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blogging makes you feel better.....

Well, at least it helps you to not feel quite so miserable!  Dear friends, I have barely been out of bed for two days now!  You know it's bad when your daughter, upon seeing you come out of your bedroom in the morning, says, "Oh yea, Momma!  You have real clothes on today!"  It's true, I've been one....

(sick puppy!)

With no energy to do anything else, I have been exploring blogland- and what a grand adventure it has been!  I've added quite a few new favorites to my blog roll over there to the right.  Wanna see some great, lovely, and creative treats???

Head over to for the most lovely of sewing delights!  She has adorable embroidery and sewing patterns!

Need a lavishly worded boost to your spirit today? is very moving and she plays the most beautiful music in the background that soothes me whilst her words do more than speak to me. has it all!  BEAUTIFUL whole/unrefined food recipes, sewing, embroidery- chock absolutely full of goodness!

Lastly, if you need an idea for a cute skirt to sew....for you or your little one, is the place for you!  People who make their own patterns simply amaze me! (I'm such a follower!)

A great and godly man I know posted a scripture to his FB status this morning.  He continuously encourages me with his posts, and I haven't even seen his face in three years. It instantly brought tears to my eyes....(sorry, but I'm a little emotional right now too) and I want to share it with you before I close. Here's his post:
Here is the beginning of Jeremiah 20:11- "But the LORD is with me to help me like an awe-inspiring warrior"  Truth sets u free.
-M.C. (not Marla Cain)

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