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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A (blog)World Without Pictures?

Oh friends....its a black day in the Cain house! I made the cutest birthday bunting for Abby- bright and colorful just like her!  I took photos of each and every step...careful to cover everything.  I was so excited about sharing it, then I sat down to the computer, went to plug my camera's card in and


Oh the horror!

It didn't fit!!!!!!  Is that possible in this day and age?  What do I do?  That's it- I'm just going to have to give up blogging! (She says as she throws her hands in the air)

But wait!

Ahhh....the cell phone!  It's not the process, but at least it's the finished product! (albeit a smidge blurry- boo.)


Stephanie said...

Pretty bunting! $20 @ Radio Shack will get you a USB device that you can plug any kind of photo card in. Love mine because Ernie's camera & my camera have different kinds of cards.

Anonymous said...

I am quite confident that your camera came with a USB cord - they really do work, Kiddo. My card wouldn't fit in any of the slots on the computer either so I downloaded straight from the camera. And, trust me, that computer has oodles and oodles of USB ports! The bottom section even slides up with more under it.