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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A trip down memory lane.....

We all have colds here at Cainberly, save Abby.  The hot tea has brewed and I've looked at every blog in all of blogdom.  No, the dishes aren't done, the house is untidy, and there's plenty of sewing to be done.  And suddenly, it hit me.....

I need a vacation.

Well, that is not in our budget at this moment, and my beloved doesn't have any time off from work to amount to anything.  My wanderlust will have to wait.  But ah, there's a box of unscrapbooked photos (imagine that!) on the butler's hallway shelf!

Oh, my London!  1999 seems like a lifetime ago....and there's Andy at the Tower of London.

and there's the Tower Bridge!  We walked across it one evening- magical!

and here's a low quality pic of me inside a Harrod's elevator- taken in said 'lift' because its illegal to take pics in the store!

and here's Andy being equally felonious!  We had to ask permission for him to come into the store because he was 'under-dressed'!!

oh how I loved that trip with him.

Wait, I spy pics from another trip- only we had company that time.....2003
That's me and a little bitty Abby in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

Aren't the colors just beautiful?

We rented the Balmoral Fam and it was the best vacation ever.  The owners came and took care of the animals while we enjoyed playing with them and sight-seeing.

Ahhh....ok, I think that helped to stave off the wanderlust........for now. Off to brew more tea.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

357 Things to Blog About.....

I see that I have waited too long to post- and now I have 357 things floating around in my head that I want to blog about!  But don't worry!  I don't have time to blog about all 357 of them, so how about just a glimpse of what I made for Valentine's Day?  This is the first year that I actually got into the day of Love- and boy did I!

I got these placemats at the Dollar Tree and then used a cookie cutter and Sharpie to add the heart.  The napkin came from DT as well, and I just sewed a felt heart and button to each.

Then I needed something for the middle of the table so I found this candle and holder at DT, placed it on a silver tarnished tray on a doily, and sprinkled some punched hearts around.
Then I Sizzixed up some bees and hung them from the light with a heart that said "Bee Mine".

Then it was time for a craft break.....

Back at it....

Kitchen towel from DT, with added ribbon and piping from my stash- then I embroidered the letters and sewed on a button.  I crocheted the heart and it slides off the button for washing.
Ok, what you are about to see is too adorable for words......All I can say is "Thank you, Aimee Ray!" (She's from Little Dear Tracks over there to the right)

For Ben

For Abby (oops- sideways!)

I worked on these snugglies for hours and was so worried the kids wouldn't like them but they ABSOLUTELY loved them!  And here's Andy's...

It's a box of Earl Gray tea that has been given a bit of a makeover!

I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's Day!  Now to get crackin on the Spring and Easter crafts!!!  :o)  Got any ideas???