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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Horsing around........

Yesterday was a much anticipated day for my dear little girl.  She's been begging for a year for horse-riding lessons and, quite honestly, that's just not in this homeschooling-stay-at-home-momma's budget!  Until........LivingSocial!  They put a deal out for Lachlan Farms and, after checking out the website and owner Anna McCracken's blog, we jumped on it!
Aren't they as cute as PIE!  (Ended with an exclamation rather than a question mark because PUH-LEEZ!  That was NO question!)  I was a little worried about the kids, mostly Ben, because they seemed a bit nervous.  I once fell off a running horse that then fell on me- so I have horse-fear anyway.  I don't want my fears to be the fears of my children- so off they went.....

Alyssa and Anna did a fabulous job with them and had Ben settled in no time.  They were friendly and patitent and made us all feel at ease.

They also had many four-legged friends who were quite welcoming!

And then we were finished!  The kiddos can't wait until next week.  And neither can I!


Nonny said...

My AWESOME kiddos!!!!

Heather said...

What fun! Glad to see you took that deal - it was a good one. :)

grace said...

That is so awesome! I took lessons for many years and loved every minute, even when I fell off! I miss it and hope my kids can do it one day!