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Monday, August 29, 2011

Book review: How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. For Your Kids

Silly question......

Do you love your kids?  (I TOLD you it was a silly question!)

A little bit tougher question....

Do you have a heart for your children?

You may be thinking, "What?  I just said I love my kids, that means I have a heart for them!"

Well Rachael Carman may disagree with you.

I recently had the opportunity, through The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew, to review her book How to Have a Heart For Your Kids.  This book is published through Apologia, a well known and respected source of homeschool curriculum and resources. With a pedigree such a this, I anticipated big things from this book!  Apologia is my personal favorite pick when it comes to homeschool science curriculum and we are currently using their Exploring Creation With Human Anatomy and Physiology for our first and fourth graders.

On the whole I would say that I really enjoyed this book.  Mrs. Carman made some great points and had some very wise words of encouragement to share with homeschooling parents.  If I had to find one thing negative to say about this read, it would ONLY be that perhaps some of the passages became a little redundant- but I feel that was part of Mrs. Carman's desire to drive her points home.

And speaking of points, allow me to share the main points that Mrs Carman wants to leave with you:
H- Have a Heart for the Things of God
E- Enrich Your Marriage
A- Accept Your Kids
R-Release them to God
T- Teach Them the Truth

Each of these points represent a chapter in the book.  Mrs. Carman uses loving detail to substantiate each point by drawing from her own experience as a homeschooling mother of seven, backing up points with scripture, encouraging with biblical models (Hannah and Samuel), and by speaking straight to the reader- as if having a personal conversation with you.

A small book and a light read, I recommend adding it to your bedside bookshelf.  How to Have a Heart For Your Kids can be purchased at the Apologia Press site for $13 plus shipping. There is a sample chapter for you to peruse at the site. Also, here is what hey have to say about the book:
          How well do you really know your kids? What has God shown you about who they are and who they will become? He has sent these children into your home at this specific time for His glorious purposes. Indeed, you have been invited on the adventure of a lifetime, a journey on which you will see walls fall, seas parted, and giants slain. You don't need special skills or training for this journey—you need only to seek God and hold tight to His mighty hand! As with so many things, the first step to having a heart for your children is knowing your heavenly Father. As you seek daily to share His heart for your children, keep this inspirational book close at hand.

Disclaimer: You should know that I received a free copy of  How to Have a Heart For Your Kids in exchange for a fair review.

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Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

Thanks for the thoughtful review. I think we can all use encouragement when it comes to our kiddos.