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Friday, August 19, 2011

Cainberly, the Cottage, and a Plea

We did it!  Last Monday we started the 2011/2012 school year!  And it has gone really well so far!  I will confess....last week I went to bed every night at 9:00!!!!! This week is a little better.  ;o)  I've even been baking a little, trying to get back to my old self.  I tried these donut muffins and they were yummylicious!

So down at Cainberly things have been hopping as well!  We got a new roof, new A/C, new porch... now we're waiting for plaster and then I will get to painting!

Can I just say that I have nevver seen a more beautiful, undeserved HVAC in my life?!
And look at our beautiful new porch!  Would you paint it or just polyurethane it???

Here's some progress shots...
This is the front room getting ready for plaster....notice openness to attic?!
And I'm sorry this is a little blurry- but this doorway is going to disappear and become a larger closet for the front room which is going to be our bedroom.  This room will become Abby's/the schoolroom.

I am swinging into a crazy busy season with Operaqtion Christmas Child, soccer, Ben's birthday, school, & a homeschool play all around the corner!  So I'm going to throw this out there to blogdom (and please forgive me if you see this on FB as well).......
When the storms came thru LOTS of people offered to help.  I responded to you that we were ok for the moment, but there would come a time when we would definitely NEED help.  Dear Friends, that time has just about come!  The plaster is coming, then we (me) will have to do the painting, then the floors will be screened and restained, then we're moving back home!  Just a matter of a couple of the busiest season of our year!  If you have a few moments and you'd LOVE to come help, or play with bored out of their mind kids, please give us a hollar.  We'd love to have you!


elicia pietras said...

Wish we lived closer, we would love to come help you guys:)

Lisa A said...

Paint that porch ceiling light blue. The house next to me used to have a light blue ceiling on their porch. It was really pretty.

Yvonne said...

I would love to bring your bored out of their mind kids to my house - dang distance!!!! I like the light blue ceiling idea. :)