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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Color in Question......

Cream Puff.

And by the way, if my name were a would be MUD!

I had just a few moments to choose a color for the trim of our house....alone....and I came up with Cream Puff.

I love it!  It makes me warm and happy.  I smile looking at it!

Andy hates it.  I mean, went right out to Home Depot and picked another color hates it.

P.S.  For those of you who voted for the porch ceiling.....


Mom said...

For whatever it is worth, which is absolutely nothing but I'm entitled to my opinion, I like it. It looks very pretty!

Beth said...

I agree with Mom. It's pretty! Plus the house is begging for a lovely color to spruce it up! She wants to be able to say 'Hello, I'm a happy little home. Please come in for a nice cup of tea and a hug.'

The Cains said...

Just what I was going for, Bethy!