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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lessons I learned from skaters yesterday.....

1. People are not punks just because they dress differently than you.
2.  You CAN be a Christian and cuss.  For pete's sake, we ARE sinners, aren't we?  I stand by the bible where it says put away all filthy language from your mouth ( Colossions 3:8) but I don't believe you are not saved or can lose your salvation because you said a curse word. (or five or six)
3. 19 year olds make some of the best evangelists I have EVER seen.....and it's very convicting.
4.  Mohawks, done properly, can be pretty cool.
5.  Stereotyping makes you end up looking like a fool.  Seriously.
6.  You can be 16 and have courage that surpasses grown men.
7.  It only takes one act of support to break a barrier built by many acts of conceit.
8.  I am not all that.  I never was- and never should have believed otherwise.
9.  Christ's love unites all who claim His salvation.  Black, white, hispanic, we are not meant to be segregated, we are meant to function together as one body- iron sharpening iron.
10.  I have great hope for my son.  I mean GREAT hope.  Unshakeable-established-on-The-Rock HOPE!

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Beth said...

Kudos to you for being open enough to receive such great lessons!! I look forward to hearing about all those kids can teach you!!