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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A bad time?

I might possibly have chosen a terrible time to pick up a new craft. 

You see, I have always wanted to make a quilt.  Always.  And every time I buy a new bedding set for my bed (mind you it is once every 5 years!) I cringe.  The thought goes, like a fleeing deer- bolting infront of oncoming traffic, I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO MAKE A QUILT!!!!!!!

"That'll be ninety-nine dollars and ninety-seven cents please."  And I pay it and walk out with my tail between my legs.

So I determined that when we move back into our home, I would sleep the first night there under a handmade quilt.....made the Alabama.....actually IN Birmingham.  I bought the above fabrics- all my favorites that I have been eyeing for quite a while.  I bought Alicia Paulson's pattern for her Olallieberry Quilt......

I can do this, right?

I have two and a half weeks and I basically have the squares all cut out.



Tara said...

If I could help I would!! You can do it!!

Lisa A said...

I'll be happy to help. Just let me know.

Jayne said...

Set aside a half hour everyday. Have the kid's have alone time and then you will also have alone time... :) a wonderful thing. I have implemented it once a day for at least an hour..sometimes a half hour extra. Even if you don't get a ton done you will see so much progress in just a few days!!