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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

TOS review: ARTistic Pursuits

The Cains are art lovers.  It is a prerequisite for being in this family! Birmingham has a been blessed with having a LOVELY Museum of Art absolutely FREE to visitors.  My children and I began frequenting it before they ever even knew what art was!  I chose Phonics Museum to teach them how to read- just so I could subject them to more art!  We would all rather paint or create in some expressive form than do just about anything else!  So when the opportunity arose to review ARTistic Pursuits, I jumped on it!

It is very hard for me to find an art curriculum that I am comfortable with.  I am not an accomplished artist, so I have always been intimidated by the thought of teaching my children art.  My children take an art class outside of our home once a week with a FABULOUS teacher, but I have wanted something I could do at home with them that would not only cover technique but also history, composition, and different mediums. ARTistic Pursuits has been just perfect! Take a look at the first lesson below:
lesson one
look at composition
The lesson begins with the children learning about what it means to compose, then they actually study a composition, finishing off by composing something of their own.  The lessons are fairly brief, and easily manageable.  The format and material is engaging and the K-3 book still challenges my 4th grader.  Here is a piece of her original work from Lesson 2 of K-3 Book 1:

ARTistic Pursuits covers up through high school with each instruction book costing $42.95.  There are also art packs available for purchase ranging from $40-$100 including shipping.  This is a great option to ensure that you have all of the supplies you will need when it comes time for a lesson with watercolor crayons! (seriously- the ONE art supply NOT on our shelves!) Also, you should know, the ARTistic Pursuits website is very informative and well layed-out.  I encourage you to meander over there and take a look.  Even if you are not a homeschooler, this would be an awesome project once a week for you to do with your children.  You will both enjoy it!

Time for opinions and observations........

My kids have thoroughly enjoyed the last few weeks while we incorporated this program into our days.  This MAY be the "we can't do without it" product!  I am happy to see them take so much pleasure in taking learning about art to a new level.  .

A word of advise, check your art supply stash.  If it is meek, think about investing in their supply packs.  They seem reasonably priced to me, and it certainly makes project time so much easier if you're not having to go shop for supplies before you can get started!

If you give ARTistic Pursuits a shot, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Disclaimer: I was given the ARTistic Pursuits K-3 Book 1 manual in exchange for a fair and honest review as part of The Old Homeschool Crew.

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