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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fairies and Racecars!!

The two hardly seem to go together, do they?  Well we had two very notable events here at Cainberly last weekend- both worthy of blog representation!

First, Friday and Saturday marked a huge event in Ben's life..... his first Pinewood Derby.  Now I love that I have an "I can do all things handy- and have the tools to do them at my disposal" kind of hubby- but it was Ben's job to design and build his car.  Ben made a drawing of the shape he wanted his car and all Andy did was cut it out.  After Ben sanded, I helped him spray-paint the car by pushing his thumb down harder on the can. (Mommies have super thumbs, don't ya know?!)  Then he burnished some rub-ons where he wanted them with minimal help from Nonny.  The finished product........

That's right!  A trophy!  For best design!  He was THRILLED! (And Momma was just a little, too!)  So proud of his first car!  Now onto next year's design!

So....incredible thing #2-

Abby turned 10 on Sunday!  Can you believe it?  Where does the time go?  Seems like just yesterday.....

she was a tee tiny, peddled around everywhere- seeing the world from knee-high.  And now she's this...

A beautiful delight to my heart.  She's soft and sensitive, and opinionated, and bold, and innocent.  And I love her with all my heart.  We celebrated her all week long- and still could have celebrated more!

Now for the "icing on the cake"- pun intended, of course!  For Abby's first-ever-double-digit birthday, her Aunt Beth made her the most spectacular of all gifts....
Is that not the most awesome fairy house you have ever seen?  I was so impressed with my sweet sister!  What a labor of love!  Abby was totally THRILLED and loves it so very much!  After many exclamations of "You should totally SELL those!"- I'm hoping she will, because this thing is magical!  Now shipping it- THAT might be a doozy!  ;O)

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