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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

TOS REVIEW: Library and Education Services brings us GO SCIENCE DVDs

Ben Roy is awesome!

Ben Roy

Not only has Mr. Roy directed a television science show for children, but he has also taught science methods to education majors at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He has taught in the public school system as elementary and middle school principal and teacher, earning the “Teacher of the Year” award for the Gordon County School System in Georgia. Mr. Roy now travels to various states spreading the love of science- designing all his shows to implement state science objectives.

Ben Roy is the host for an energetic run of science experiment videos entitled "GO SCIENCE" sold by
We had the opportunity to review two of these videos.

 Volume 2: Simple Machines, Sound, Weather contained the following experiments:

  • 1st Class Lever
  • 2nd Class Lever
  • 3rd Class Lever
  • Incline Plane
  • Pulleys
  • Trebuchet
  • Singing Glasses
  • Singing Rods
  • Sound Waves
  • Singing Pipes
  • Making A Cloud
  • Weather Balloon
  • Tornado Tube
  • Air Pressure 

A sample of the video can be seen here.   Each video retails for $8.97

The second video we chose was Volume 6: Water, Space, Solar System. The experiments contained in this volume were as follows:

  • Water Disappear
  • Boil Water in a Paper Cup
  • Properties of Water
  • Floating Balls
  • As Cold as Outer Space
  • Make a Rocket
  • Living in Space
  • Solar System
  • Centripetal Force 

Each experiment segment takes 3-6 minutes.  While Mr. Roy may be a very exuberant actor, it can no doubt be said that his love and passion for science is plainly evident!  Intended for children 5-11 years of age, there were some much younger children in his audience that seemed quite pleased with things exploding or small children lifting large heavy items!  Mr Roy was very clear in his presentation of scientific facts, and ends every segment pointing to our Creator, God.

Since I ordered through Library Educational Services, let me tell you a little about my ordering process.  I found what I needed very quickly and proceeded to check out.  We were supplied with a code for checkout but when I entered it I had a few issues.  I contacted them via email and let me just tell you- I barely had a sip of coffee down before I had a reply from them, my problem was resolved, my dvds were on the way, and I had a second follow-up email!  Great customer service! As well as a very fun product!

Disclaimer:  I was provided with two free videos in exchange for an honest and objective review.

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