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Saturday, July 14, 2012

TOSReview: Professor B

We were recently given the opportunity to review another online math resource called Professor B.  It is a parent-led core curriculum for Pre-K through 7th grade.  Professor B aims to teach math in a flowing, story-like manner in an attempt to help students absorb the information more quickly and thoroughly. 

As mentioned, Professor B is a parent-led online curriculum.  You sit with your student, narrating each lesson while progressing through a series of slides.  "Professor B", the bee, is actually a silent tudor for your student- ensuring parental participation in the child's learning process.  This program truly brags up its making master teachers out of it's subscribers...all they have to do is be able to read!

I highly recommend that you head over here to check out their learning levels (scope & sequence) and subscription information.  You can purchase up to three levels for a year: Level I=$20, Level I & II=$35, Level I, II, & III=$45or you can call and order a 30 day free trial.

We logged onto the website and proceeded to the Table of Contents.  From there, rather than start at the beginning, we chose our weak spots and worked on them first.  There are also PDF "worksheets"to accompany the lessons.  At this point I must be completely honest- Ben did not enjoy this program.  I think perhaps it didn't stimulate him enough.  While the graphics and audio seemed fairly lo-tech, the table of contents was very over-whelming and confusing.  Also, it would have been great to have some way to show which lessons the student had completed but it did not.  Our greatest issue, which seemed to stop Ben in his tracks, was that the program actually uses finger-counting.  Ben was intentionally never taught finger counting and I did not feel it right to make him do it for a review.  If you have no issue with finger counting (which I really don't, I just never wanted it to be a habit with him) this may just be the program for you!

Professor B is certainly thorough in the material that it covers and at a somewhat reasonable price.  Pop on over to their website and give it a look! Or, if you'd like to hear what my crewmates had to say about their experience with Professor B....

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Disclaimer:  I was given a free subscription to Professor B in exchange for an honest and objective review.

1 comment:

Lexi said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! We enjoyed aspects of Prof B and mostly did the lesson orally. My daughter did not use her fingers, but she did watch the ones on the screen. I put more focus on her reciting the numbers and equations rather than using fingers. Hope you're enjoying your other review products! It's been so fun to try new things!!