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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Why I Do What I Do......

Ha!  Just reading that title makes me laugh!  Like I can narrow down what I do! Here's a partial list of what I "Do":
Operation Christmas Child (year-round)
Teacher at home
Teacher at co-op
Teacher at church
Construction worker
Errand runner
Chief financier
Curriculum reviewer
Travel agent

You see how that title could be very loaded?  I'm sure you have a very similar list yourself!  Well take heart, I'm only covering one of these today! Curriculum reviewer.

Why do I review curriculum?  At first you might think "Because you get lots of great free stuff!" and you'd be right to some extent. I receive lots of wonderful material that I could not otherwise afford and it is a huge blessing to me and my children. However, when you look at my calendar and see how many reviews I have this month and next month- you'd begin to see a different picture.  Reviewing is a LOT of hard work.  I have children who DO NOT LIKE CHANGE, so presenting all of these different programs takes some major orchestrating and preparation.  And while my kids are themselves working through the various products, I have to be listening for comments of theirs, as well as developing thoughts of my own.  Reviewing is wonderful, but it is not all visits from the UPS man and free Apologia.

So why do I do it? 

I do it because, one time, five years ago, I was utterly terrified.  I had a kindergartener, a 2 year old, and a chemical engineer for a husband.  (Understand what I'm sayin'? I mean that last part- about the uber intelligent husband?)  I was scratching and digging and clinging on to anyone I knew who I thought may have a clue to this homeschooling thing.  (Still do, too!)  I attended public what do you mean kids can have multiple ways to learn?  Why are there so many options?  We all had the same thing in class- the same books- the same grading system-----and NO COMPUTERS!  It all just seemed so very, very foreign.  I do this because every year, there is a new cycle of five-years-ago-me out there......

And I want to help.

So please forgive me if you come to my website and say, "Good grief!  She hasn't posted a personal review in a month!" Or if you go to Facebook and see yet another link to my blog with "TOS Review:..." in the subject line.  I'm just trying to get some good, useable information out there to that momma who is trying to do right by her babies on a shoestring budget in a homeschooling world inundated with new products!

 July and August are going to be big reviewing months....and I've gotta get back to work!

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