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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Concoction? Child, please!

Yes, concoction!  That's what she called it!  That's what she called my COOKING!



Why don't you go concoct yourself some Frosted Flakes and see if I CONCOCT breakfast for you anymore!!  And THIS is what she's turning her nose up at.....
Lemon Monkey Bread sounds so good!
Lemon Monkey Pull-Apart Bread

Sausage baked inside pancake muffins
Sausage Pancake muffins

blueberry cheese rolls, good for brunch and only 4 ingredients :)
Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish

Crescent rolls, cream cheese, sugar, vanilla, butter and cinnamon...I think SO!
Cinnamon Cream Cheese Crescents

Pinned Image

Ya see what I'm sayin'?? These are all fabulous recipes from Pinterest that I've tried out that were DELICIOUS!!!

 I got up early this morning to bake something for breakfast before church.  Abs yells from her room, "Momma, what are you making?  It's not one of your CRAZY CONCOCTIONS is it???"  Then little Ben comes in to where I am busily whipping up a (very healthy all grain, no preservs, etc) boxed muffin mix and very seriously shouts out "OOOOOOO!!!!! HOMEMADE!!!!"

Totally invalidating all of the scrumptious, truly homemade yummies I have ever made him for breakfast.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Packin' Aussie Style

Wanna see how folks on the other side of the world pack?  Go check out Mel's post on planning shoebox goodies in Tasmania, Australia!!  Her blog is called Day to Day.

47 Days til Collection!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

TOS Review: A Cry From Egypt

If I were to be completely honest, I would share with you that I signed up for this review solely to feed my daughter's Ancient Egypt fettish.  If I were to delve into an even deeper level of relationship with you, I would say this book changed how I think of a major biblical event forever!
It took Abby only 3 days to read A Cry From Egypt, authored by Hope Auer and published by Great Waters Press (Raising Real Men).  You would think that would have been a clue to me.  A meaty, 193 (including the study resources and snippet of the next book in the series) pages did not intimidate her at all!  She went on and on about how amazing the book was and that I would just love it!  She was right.
A Cry From Egypt is a great story written on the events leading up to the exodus of the Israelites from Ancient Egypt.  This story spoke to me because I don't believe that I have ever considered those events from the view of the Israelites themselves.  The story is very well written and the plot flows cleanly.  Another most amazing and fascinating fact about this book is that the author herself was merely 13 when she began penning it!  A recent homeschool graduate, Hope Auer began writing this story while studying the Ancient Egypt period for school.  She spent many years having friends read it and editting it, then she found another homeschooler to illustrate for her and now has it published!  We are on the edge of our seats waiting for the next installment in the series!
If you'd like to add A Cry From Egypt to your bedside tabletop, Great Waters Press has the advance reader copy for $12.50 with free shipping. We Cain ladies give it 2 thumbs up!  The book is recommended for 8 years and up- Abby is 10 and thought it was a little difficult to read in places (hard to pronounce names, feelings being expressed, etc) but nothing that deminished her joy in reading the book at all.  If you'd like to see what The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew thought....

Click to read Crew Reviews
Disclaimer: I was given a copy of the book A Cry From Egypt in exchange for my honest and objective review as part of the Old Schoolhouse Review Crew.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Welcome back, Fall! Oh how I've missed you!
Today is officially the first day of Autumn!  The best day so far of 2012!  I confess that I couldn't even wait- I got my first Caramel Apple Spice from Starbuck's last night at about 7:30!  I tried!  I really did- and I ALMOST made it! ;o)
Thank you for allowing me to take a break from blogging.  With Operation Christmas Child, Momma moving to Vermont, Andy working all hours of the week, and some major fatigue thanks to my good buddy vitamin B12- I needed a breather!  But Fall is here- my time to come alive after being dormant for months!  I have lots of things I want to share with you.....some crafts, books, food, inspiration........
Oh how I love Fall!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

TOS Molly Review: Everyday Cooking


There are few things I love more than a new cookbook.  I LOVE trying new recipes and I LOVE seeing what other people have for dinner!  Most of all I just really LOVE to be inspired!

Everyday Homemaking is a website dedicated to helping homes run more smoothly.  Be it cooking, homeschooling, saving money, managing time, or getting organized, Vicki Bentley is determined to help you hone these skills to run a more balanced home. I was given the opportunity to review her e-book, Everyday Cooking, recently.  This cookbook is a collection of popular recipes with an emphasis on whole foods.  While I reviewed the e-book version ($14.99), there is a 100 page coil-bound version ($17.99) available.

Everyday Cooking is more than just a cookbook, though. It is chock full of tips and tricks to help you in the kitchen.  There are meal planning and shopping hints.  There are also sample menus and menu planning forms which are reproducible.  Would you like to check out some sample recipes sample recipes here?

I know you can't review a cookbook with trying a few recipes so here are a couple I tried....

Red Beans and Rice- I'm sorry my computer was being tempermental and wouldn't let me rotate the pic!  This is a family favorite....and it's hard to stick to someone else's recipe when you have your own....but everyone was a good sport!  The recipe read easy but I found I had to cook it quite a bit longer than stated. While it was quite a yummy dinner, it was a bit on the bland side. *REMINDER* We Cains spent a bit o time in New Mexico and Louisianna----- we like our food to have a bit of kick to it.  Any other person might have thought it was just perfect!

Apple Crisp- My Granny used to make AppleCrisp when I was little.  Nothing says "Fall" like breaking out the apple-corer-slicer-peeler thingy!  I thought this was delicious paired with some french vanilla ice cream.  You probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen for it!  Super easy!

As always, if you'd like to see what the Crew had to say on our first official "Molly" review.....
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Disclaimer:  I was given this e-book in exchange for an honest and objective review as part of the TOS Review Crew.