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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

TOS Molly Review: Everyday Cooking


There are few things I love more than a new cookbook.  I LOVE trying new recipes and I LOVE seeing what other people have for dinner!  Most of all I just really LOVE to be inspired!

Everyday Homemaking is a website dedicated to helping homes run more smoothly.  Be it cooking, homeschooling, saving money, managing time, or getting organized, Vicki Bentley is determined to help you hone these skills to run a more balanced home. I was given the opportunity to review her e-book, Everyday Cooking, recently.  This cookbook is a collection of popular recipes with an emphasis on whole foods.  While I reviewed the e-book version ($14.99), there is a 100 page coil-bound version ($17.99) available.

Everyday Cooking is more than just a cookbook, though. It is chock full of tips and tricks to help you in the kitchen.  There are meal planning and shopping hints.  There are also sample menus and menu planning forms which are reproducible.  Would you like to check out some sample recipes sample recipes here?

I know you can't review a cookbook with trying a few recipes so here are a couple I tried....

Red Beans and Rice- I'm sorry my computer was being tempermental and wouldn't let me rotate the pic!  This is a family favorite....and it's hard to stick to someone else's recipe when you have your own....but everyone was a good sport!  The recipe read easy but I found I had to cook it quite a bit longer than stated. While it was quite a yummy dinner, it was a bit on the bland side. *REMINDER* We Cains spent a bit o time in New Mexico and Louisianna----- we like our food to have a bit of kick to it.  Any other person might have thought it was just perfect!

Apple Crisp- My Granny used to make AppleCrisp when I was little.  Nothing says "Fall" like breaking out the apple-corer-slicer-peeler thingy!  I thought this was delicious paired with some french vanilla ice cream.  You probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen for it!  Super easy!

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Disclaimer:  I was given this e-book in exchange for an honest and objective review as part of the TOS Review Crew.

1 comment:

Vicki said...

If you are from Louisiana, you probably did add a bit to the red beans and rice! LOL I see in the recipe that I may need to add "soaked" after the dry beans listed. Although I specify soaking in the tip box, that is easy to overlook in the actual recipe - my error! Could that account for your cooking time, or did you already soak them?

Maybe you can share a great gumbo recipe with me. And your mention of apple crisp made me hungry for some....hmmmm. Thanks for your review!