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Monday, October 22, 2012

A Hand-made Christmas?

Every year I say that I want to make all of our Christmas presents.  I came pretty close a couple of years ago.  It took a lot of planning and I began way back in September to get everything finished on time- and even then I ended up buying a few gifts.

This year, I am determined that after collection week for Operation Christmas Child- you will most likely find me attached to thread, a needle, or a sewing machine.  Honestly, I'm truly looking forward to it!  I hope that my lack of planning won't hinder any efforts!

Do you like to make Christmas gifts?  What's on your project list this year?  While I can't share specific items (because there are those whom I craft for that read my blog), I can share some great projects I saw on Pinterest!  And also a lovely crafting book!

Fa la la la Felt: 45 Handmade Holiday Decorations

I have maxed my renewals out for this book at the library!  It has the simplest, most awesomely adorable projects for the holidays! You can find it over at Amazon.

Wow! Turn handwritten recipes (your mom's handwriting? your grandma's?) into tea towels for your kitchen! WHAT A GREAT GIFT IDEA!

Actually found this on Pinterest, but it lives over at a blog called Spoonflower.  The guest author, Emma, leads you through how to make a kitchen towel out of a hand-written recipe! LOVE this!  Who doesn't have an old recipe in their grandmother's handwriting that they wouldn't love to see more often?

Pinned Image

Um, y'all know I love tea, right?! Is this not the cutest thing ever?  Also found it on Pinterest, but I can't find where it lives or any instructions- so would seriously need to wing it.....but it's totally do-able!

And I'll leave you with this super sweet wrapping idea......

I am love LOVE LOVING this blog, Vintage with Laces.  To any of you who may know me, go check it out and you'll see why.  Stunning, positively stunning!

Ok, now you have to share your inspiration with me, Dears! Come, motivate me!

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