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Monday, October 1, 2012

Asking for help is hard.

I just sent out an email to most of the ladies I do life with- asking for help.  Why is asking for help so hard?  It's nearly painful.  I feel like I'm imposing, bothering, nagging- just asking for help.

I need to help my momma move from Gulfport,MS to Burlington,VT.  I'm the only person in our family with a flexible schedule.  With no family in town- I am hard-pressed to find help with the kiddos.  Andy has some time he can take off- but not 7 days!

I think about my friends and how I love being asked for help.  And I wonder why it is so doggone hard to ask for help.

If you need help with your lovelies.....please call me!  Just not the first week of November.

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