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Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Great Big Long Drive

Today a big dream of mine came true! (Yes, it's been a great week for Marla's dreams coming to fruition!)  I am right now, this very minute, sitting in the lobby of a hotel in Williston, Vermont!  I drove with my Momma as she is making her move to the Great North.

It was a beautiful drive thru nine states- Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and finally Vermont. Great weather- only saw snow on the tops of mountains. The hardest leg was thru New Jersey.

She's torn up pretty badly, Friends.  We didn't go close enough to NYC to see the destruction there but there was much in NJ that reminded me of driving down into Mississippi the first time after Katrina.  Pray for those affected by Sandy.

Now, I'm off to bed.  The truck comes to deliver Mom's worldly possessions tomorrow and that makes for an exhausting day ahead.

Momma promises some Vermont fun after the work is done. *SQUEAL*

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Momma said...

She forgot Maryland. LOL