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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Daily Essentials 2: Be excited!

I remember this so vividly, though it was about 7 years ago. Brandon has a beautiful wife and family now.....but I can't imagine that his heart for people has changed at all.  It's all about being eager...

Yesterday I was blessed with being able to pick
Brandon up at the airport on his way home from a one
week mission trip to Honduras. I was so eager to talk
with him about how it went since it was his first
international trip.
After impatiently circling the airport for 25 minutes,
I finally saw him! I jumped out of my truck, popped
the trunk, let him throw his stuff in, and immediately
began grilling him! There was so much I wanted to
know...."How did it go? How was a one week trip? Too
short? Just right? How was your spanish?"
I dropped him off at home and drove off distgusted
because I had missed asking him 2 or 3 more in depth
questions that I had wanted to talk about! Then I got
home and realized, I never once said "Welcome home!"

How excited we should be about what the Lord is doing!
I was so excited that poor Brandon never got a
welcome home! The work of the Lord is exciting and
inspiring! We are so blessed to be allowed to be a
part of it! When you see Brandon, tell him "Welcome
home"..... then GRILL him! Be genuinely enthused! Be
eager to know how God is moving in other parts of the
world! Then, be eager to be a part of it and jump in!

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