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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

TOS Review: A+ Tutorsoft

On deck for your reviewing pleasure today is a math program by A+ Tutorsoft, Inc. called A+ Interactive Math.  This program comes in two formats, CD and online.  We were awarded the online version.

A+ Interactive Math is a multi-sensory (visual, audio, and text) math program that seems to cover all the bases.  For parents, there are lesson plans provided, a grading system in place online, progress reports, and a placement test.  For students, thereare tons of printable worksheets, templates for worksheets, certificates for completed assignments, the ability to choose the topic they are learning, interactive reviews, and exam templates.  So yes, the program offers tons to subscribers!  In fact, this could be a full curriculum, though we used it more as a supplement.

Interested in a free demo? Sign up for a free one month subscription!

So let me give you the play-by-play of our experience with A+......
We were up at bat and this coach was instantly overwhelmed. The home page seems a bit cluttered and a little user un-friendly.  It took me a while to get everything set up for my lead off batter- who struck out at nearly every at-bat.  Between the graphics, sometimes incomplete questions, and monotone boy was totally sunk.  (Coach wasn't that great of a help because she found the site very overwhelming!)

  The lesson starts out with a video presentation.  When finished, the student can then practice with the "Interactive Q & A" segment.  Some of the questions were very hard to answer for a third grader, while others seemed a bit too easy.  One question didn't seem to make a lick of sense....I think it was a curveball!  I also didn't have the option of printing worksheets as our printer has gone to the great recycling tub in the sky- though buying them through the website is an option.

Please understand that I am not very great with online math programs.  Computers intimidate me.  Math intimidates me.  Both together get me ejected from the ballpark! :o)  If you're the type that scales math in a single bound and loves computer programs- this may be right up your alley! If you have children who are used to navigating complicated sites, this may be just your speed.  I never want to insinuate that just because something didn't work for us, it absolutely won't work for you so, please, check out the free month subscription if you're looking for a fairly in-depth math program for your little ones.  A+ has programs for 1-7th(pre-algebra) grades and Algeba I.  The CD software runs $79.99 and the online subs run $19.95 a month or $124.95 for the year.  As a gift to my readers, A+ Tutorsoft is offering a 50% discount through the end of March.  Just enter SPOFFER50 at checkout!

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Hope Jackson said...

I found the website a bit cluttered in the beginning, too. It was helpful to learn about your experience. We are enjoying the physical CD. Very easy to navigate and understand! ~ Hope, fellow Crew member