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Monday, February 4, 2013

Where'd I go?

Lately I've wanted to blog so I settle into my favorite chair, turn on my cozy electric throw, and plop my computer into my lap....

Then I stare...........and stare.......and stare at the blank screen.

Lots of thoughts come to my mind as I prepare a this relevant?  Will it matter to someone?  Will it at least entertain?  Could I actually inform or encourage someone through this silly blog?

Then I close the computer and go find something else to do.

Does this ever happen to you in life?  Maybe not necessarily in the blogging realm.... I guess what I'm asking is..... do you ever lose inspiration? Creativity?

I find these times come when I am in a busy season with the kids.  There are appointments for preparing for braces...appointments for getting braces.....appointments for child 2 to prep for at the food appointments....eye appointments..... the list goes on and on. And inspiration takes to the wing and I am left sitting in a vacuum. Mostly my life immediately following this departure is a series of events on the calendar that I check off and evenings spents wondering where my day went and why I did not accomplish more.  I haven't read, haven't crafted, and sadly, haven't blogged in a month of Sundays.

So how do I shake this funk?  How do you shake YOUR funk?  Sometimes a friend snaps me out- suggesting we get together for some lunch and crafting time.  Sometimes my sister, with her life mantra of "We could make that!", gently encourages me with something she's seen or come across on the internet.  Sometimes this old girl, Cainberly, my home and sanctuary- calls out to me and I must answer her with some creative decorating.

Can I just encourage you with this......find it.  Find what makes your heart sing.  Find that person or thing or website.(......yes, I speak of Pinterest!)  That something that speaks to you and reminds you that before you were a wife or a mother- you were a person!  A person with hobbies, likes, interests, talents that still need to be explored, honed, and used. 

Be you.

I'll be me.  I'm off to make something!

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