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Monday, April 20, 2015

An Origami Owl Raffle!

HOORAY for an awesomely generous sister!

As many of you may know, my family (all 4 of us!) is heading to Hungary on a mission trip with our church June 18.  All of us, save Abby, have had the opportunity to go and fall in love with the country and people. We are so thrilled to not only go together, but also to see her reaction to all that we have been sharing with her from our hearts!  We will be partnering with the Paulus Movement- a ministry of Hungarians trying to reach their fellow countrymen with the Gospel- to help with a soccer camp outreach to the children of Budapest.

We have raised most of the support we need and we're down to the last $1000! (Yes! God is so good!) My fabulously amazing sister, Beth, has put this beautiful necklace from Origami Owl up for raffle along with 4....YES 4 $25 gift certificates!!! She's drawing the winners in 10 days and, don't tell her I told you this, ticket sales have been a little slow so your odds of winning something are REALLY GOOD! 😉 Would you consider buying a ticket or two or six to help send us this summer?  Your support would mean the world to us!

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